Tying or Tethering Animal is Cruelty Unknowingly Inflicted on Cows

Tying or Tethering Animal is a Cruelty Unknowingly Inflicted on Cows

Cows and bullocks are social animals and are most comfortable when they move and socialize with herd mates.
Heat Stress in Cows

Heat Stress in Cows: Can it be prevented?

Lot of myths about heat stress in animals are prevalent, and this post hopes to separate the facts from fiction.
cost effective cow Housing

Cow Housing: Important to Ensure Cow Comfort, Optimum Fertility and Productivity

Cows are not human: Their skin, body temperature, and the way body heat is lost, is different from human. Cow skin thickness is around 6 mm as compared to 0.7...
deciduous teeth

Determining Age of Calf by Examination of Teeth

Determination of age of calf is important for effective sale / purchase and cost decisions. It is quite easy to determine age in calves by examining teeth. At birth, a...