To Promote Desi Cows, Government Orders Semen from Brazil

New Delhi: The Narendra Modi led government, which has been keen to promote domestic cow breeds over the Jersey ones currently popular in various parts of the country, has entered into an agreement with Brazil to get one lakh doses of semen of the Gir variety of bulls for artificial insemination. “Within one-and-a-half months, the agreed doses of semen of our indigenous Gir bulls will be available in the country,” Sanjeev Balyan, minister of state for animal husbandry told ET. “This will be distributed across the state to promote breeding of indigenous cows within the country.”

The animal husbandry ministry is also rapidly working to tag all cattle in the country. “We have, as of now, tagged 2.28 crore cattle across the country,” Balyan told ET.

“Around 27,000 cows and buffaloes are getting tagged every day. Once this is complete, we will also start tagging other livestock such as lamb and goats.” The tags will provide a unique identity to cattle and the data will have details such as breed, productivity and approximate age.

Source: Economic Times, September 3, 2019.