Dry Matter requirements for cattle

Dry Matter Requirements for Dairy Cows

Dry Matter Requirements for Cattle Almost all feed and fodder contain water in varying amounts. Dry matter is the portion of feed/fodder remaining after all the water has been taken...
Banana leaves in Cattle Feed

Feeding of Banana Leaves to Cows

Use of Banana Leaves as Cattle Feed A dairy farmer has asked me to offer comments on the issue of the feeding of banana leaves to dairy cows. The banana...

Silage Quality And Feeding

Silage Getting green fodder throughout the year is a challenging task as in India it mostly depends upon the rain. Silage preparation is the most important and innovative way to...
antibiotic residues

Notification on Antibiotic Residues in Milk

The FSSAI has notified a revised list of 103 veterinary drugs including antibiotics and presence of antibiotic residues will attract punitive actions.
Sugarcane Tops

Can Sugarcane be Fed to Cattle?

To read in Hindi please click here To read in Marathi please click here Do Sugarcane Plant benefits as Cattle Feed? Use of whole sugarcane plant as cattle fodder is...
Effective Practices of Ration Balancing for Heifers and Cows

Effective Practices of Ration Balancing for Heifers and Cows

Heifers and cows must receive sufficient feed and fodder to maintain their health and stamina. The ration should be fed in a way that the cows do not lose or...
Vegetable Waste

Vegetable Waste as Cattle Feed

One of the ways to reduce cost of feeding cows without compromising their health is to consider innovative ways of feeding, which of course will depend on availability of local...
Important Tips on Feeding Protein to Cows

Important Tips on Feeding Protein to Cows

Ruminants get their protein from a variety of sources, and digestion occurs primarily in two ways. Rumen-degradable proteins are digested in the rumen by microbes and converted to ammonia.
Importance of Fibre Quality in Feed

The Importance of Fibre Quality in Feed

It is important to take regular rounds of the farm to observe the behaviour of cows, as it can reveal a lot about feeding management.
Concentrate feeding

Importance of Roughages in Cow Feeding

Cow Feeding  There are a few myths about cow feeding or concentrate feeding that have influenced farm practices for decades: The commercially available concentrate feeding is better for cows Feeding...