Newborn Calf Management

Common Protocols in Management of Diseases in Newborn Calves

Newborn Calf Management  The future of dairy herd depends upon how calves are raised. The newborn calves of today are the milking cows of tomorrow. The calf is the starting...

Signs of Good Health and Illness in Farm Animals

Producers must observe animals closely to keep individual animals and the whole herd or flock healthy and productive.
Loan for Dairy Farmers

Importance of Deworming in Dairy Cattle

Deworming in Cattle Changes in climate and fluctuations in environmental conditions often cause a number of health issues for cattle. Worm infestation is one such invisible disease that is prevalent in...

Nutritional Interventions to Combat Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle

  Heat Stress increases maintenance energy requirements and lowers dry matter intake, making it difficult to meet energy needs. Therefore, feeding management and forage  quality become critical during heat stress. ...
udder edema

Udder Edema in Dairy Cattle

Udder edema can be a major discomfort to the cattle and causes management problems such as difficulty with milking and may also reduce milk production.
Cow Dung Examination

Diagnosis of Animal Disease by Examination of Dung    

Diagnosis of Animal Disease by dung samples helps in identifying problems of digestive system, nutritional deficiencies, bacterial or viral diseases

Care and Management of Newborn Calf

Calf should take care of it in excess quantity because it may be limited to total nutrition. Calf is given a starter with full milk.

Ethnoveterinary Medicine for Diarrhea in Cattle

Ethnoveterinary medicine are used extensively and quite effectively for diarrhea treatment and to make cattle productive and healthy. Symptoms of Diarrhea Defecation more frequent than normal. Loose feces that sometimes...