Budget 2018 – Cow Farmers to Get ‘Kisan Credit Card’ Facility

Please Click here to read in Hindi The Government of India has recognised dairy farming as the ‘farming’ activity and extended facilities of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) to even dairy...
Ensure Cow Health and Production at your Farm (From Feed to Manure)

Ensure Cow Health and Production at Farm (From Feed to Manure)

Farmer must consider that Quality of feed is one of the major factor in maintenance of cow health. It also helps in determining the cost of milk production from cow....

QR Code Technology in Dairy Industry (Latest Digital Technology)

Food from dairy animals has a critical place in the human food chain. Since diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans, food safety has become an important concern for...
Vrindavan Tharparkar Desi Cow Club

People Came Together as Caravan for a National Cause: Vrindavan Tharparkar Desi Cow Club

A noble venture by business persons and technologists has led to a successful business experiment in rearing Indian breed cow Tharparkar and improving its productivity in a short span