Gaolao Cattle Breed

Research Project on Gaolao Cattle Breed- Dr. Deepak Kale

Project on Gaolao Cattle Breed Dr. Deepak Kale, Assistant Professor & I/c Head, Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding, Nagpur Veterinary College, MAFSU, Nagpur is implementing (DOS: 17/09/2018) the SERB-DST,...
Dairy Cattle Vaccination

Vaccination of Animals is Important, But Following Points Should be Noted

Cattle Vaccination is Important For preventing infectious diseases cattle vaccination is a very important activity. But farmers, Vaccinators (para-vets) as well as Veterinarians should be aware of dos and don’ts...

Strategies to Increase Milk Yield of Dairy Cows in India

India ranks first in milk production in the world. Government of India plans to increase the milk production at the rate of 23% per year.

Signs of Good Health and Illness in Farm Animals

Producers must observe animals closely to keep individual animals and the whole herd or flock healthy and productive.

Importance of Deworming in Dairy Cattle

Deworming in Cattle Changes in climate and fluctuations in environmental conditions often cause a number of health issues for cattle. Worm infestation is one such invisible disease that is prevalent in...

Important Point to Be Considered While Purchasing Dairy Cattle

While going to introduce new dairy cattle in existing herd or at the time of purchasing new dairy animal to start dairy farming business, one has to consider a lot...

Nutritional Interventions to Combat Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle

  Heat Stress increases maintenance energy requirements and lowers dry matter intake, making it difficult to meet energy needs. Therefore, feeding management and forage  quality become critical during heat stress. ...

Factors and Strategies for Attaining Early Puberty in Indian Dairy Cattle

Age at puberty and sexual maturity are important economic traits. Many factors are directly or indirectly related to age at puberty in dairy animals. Huge economic losses have been related...
udder edema

Udder Edema in Dairy Cattle

Udder edema can be a major discomfort to the cattle and causes management problems such as difficulty with milking and may also reduce milk production.