Shyam Gaushala

Shyam Gaushala:

Shyam Gaushala is situated at post Dongaon, Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.

The gaushala is spread in 11 acre land and have 20 Red Kandhari cows and 1 breeding bull. Veterinary doctor is available in gaushala.

Shyam Gaushala do not accept stray cattle and have average milk production of 70 ltr/day.  Kindly contact for more details on 9422708331 .

Available Breeds:

Graded Red Kandhari

There are total 20 Cows in the Gaushala in which all are Red Kandhari Cows.

Available Resources:

Number of Cow Sheds: 04

Land Available: 11 Acre

Vet / Para-Vet Available: 01

Branches Available: 00

The gaushala is spread in 11 acre land and have 20 Red Kandhari and 1 breeding bull. 

Available Products:


Cow Dung

Cow Urine


Milk at the cost of Rs. 70/Kg, Cow Dung is costing around Rs.8/kg and Cow Urine is around Rs. 200/liter. They also have Cow Dung Products. Ghee is not available. Please contact Mr. Sudhir Vidwans on 9422708331 for inquiring recent prices and placing orders. 

Contact Details:

Farm Manager

Mr. Sudhir Vidwans

Mobile No.



At Post - Dongaon, Dist. Aurangabad, Maharashtra - 431002

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