Gujarat Cows to be Moo-ers and Shakers

Gujarat Gir Cows

Ahmedabad: Gujarat’s Gir cows will help India and the US milk the power of bilateral ties in the field of bovine-based entrepreneurship. University of California, Davis, and Ganpat University of Mehsana will sign a pact to carry out research on India’s indigenous cows. The two universities will seek ways to promote startups based on cattle products such as milk, dung, and urine. The development of Indian cow breeds will be on the agenda as well.

The announcement of the prospective tie-up was made hours before the ‘Howdy Modi’ event in Houston, Texas.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will add a new chapter to the history of Indo-US political ties,” said Dr. Vallabh Kathiria, the chairman of the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog. “And a new chapter will be added to the annals of economic progress by venturing into cow-based entrepreneurship.”

Business-centric Research on Indian Cows

Dr. Vallabh Kathiria, the chairman of the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Ayog, who is currently in Houston to attend the ‘Howdy Modi’ event, told TOI over the phone on Sunday that in a first, the two universities will join hands to improve India’s indigenous cow breeds, with the principal focus on Gir cows. He said that he will urge the Indian diaspora in the US to invest in cow-based startups.

Dr. Vallabh Kathiria said that he and his team recently met the faculty members and students of UC Davis. He said that cow rearing practices in California and Gujarat were similar.

Gir cow is one of the principal Indian breeds, originated as the name suggests, in Gir forests of Gujarat. The breed originally evolved due to sound and consistent breeding efforts of farmers in Gujarat especially from regions, such as Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Amreli. Gir has also spread in many western countries, such as Brazil, USA, Mexico, Argentina, etc. In the USA Gir was one of the breeds used to develop a composite Indian breed by crossing with Kankrej and Ongole (Nellore). The breed is known for its distinct appearance, height and weight and natural beauty which make it very distinct from others.

The article extracted from The Times of India 


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