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There is no doubt that Indian Cattle Breeds are heat tolerant, disease resistant and better converters of even low quality roughage. With emerging global warming the world now believes that Indian breeds of cattle, also called Zebu, have better survival potential than temperate climate breeds. South American countries have proved that with proper breeding and scientific management, Zebu cows can match exotic cows in milk production and fertility. This site is an effort to bring all the stakeholders onto one platform for exchange of ideas, knowledge, manpower, services and infrastructure available so as to equip our farmers to move from exotic to Indian cattle breeds.

This site is for all those who are interested in Indian cattle breeds and are keen to see our cows improve in production and fertility. The registered users will receive alerts on their emails and social media on interesting articles, upcoming events, success stories, etc. You can get access to information of services, institutes, service providers, information about NGOs and volunteers. You can post your comments, participate in discussions, e-seminars, etc.

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